We create customized softwares that are maximally adapted to user needs.


Each company follows its business rules and follows certain business processes that need not necessarily be generalized and applicable for all our customers. In such cases, we are able to create a separate, specialized and customized software solutions that are maximally adapted to user needs.


By developing specialized software solutions, although they are generally more expensive than generalized software solutions or ready-made applications, in principle, more is saved in the long term, because such a solution is tailored to the users specifications, which often drastically shortens the time required to perform a task , which again allows the worker to do more work per unit time, which again brings long-term productivity gains and higher earnings.

Apart from work optimization, by creating custom software solutions, business processes are often easily streamlined. That makes easy the tasks which the users must perform and which contributes to ease of doing business, eliminate errors and provides additional functionality.

Special software solutions tailored to users can usually be connected in some way with the existing infrastructure (hardware and software), and allow easy data import or export.

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Our Custom Softwares Portfolio

Special software solutions tailored to users can usually be connected in some way with the existing infrastructure (hardware and software), and allow easy data import or export.

  • warehouse icon sahir web solutions

    Warehouse Management system

    The company wanted to visually monitor its warehouse with details of all material in the warehouse and arrange them through FIFO or LIFO arrangement

  • mail management system sahir web solutions

    Mail Management System

    Email sending and management system for marketing purposes. The features includes Excel sync, Mail Merge, Scheduling, Multi send and Single Send.

  • fenfuro invoice manager sahir web solutions

    Invoicing System

    The Zoho invoicing software was customized and incorporated for the Fenfuro Invoicing process.

  • website traffic sahir web solutions

    ERP Incorporation

    This system was developed for another technological provider (Advance Technology) wherein the end client wanted to include OPEN ERP into his system.

  • digital signage icon sahir web solutions

    Digital Signeage

    A software system which authenticates, and as per preference sends video and image data to different TV screens for promotional purposes. The authentication runs on subscription basis.



    This is a Path Lab Management software combined with CRM features. In addition it can also convert any type of X-Ray / Ultrasound / MRI etc. into photos and videos for easy viewing by the doctor and patient. It also acts as the backend of test booking, invoicing, etc. for numerous labs. Currently being used by more than 30 labs in Chandigarh vicinity.

  • SWS-chitkara university departmental communication

    Departmental Communication System

    This system enable the HOD of the department to communicate any message with their facility through internet at all locations on a real time basis.

  • weather station icon sahir web solutions

    Data Logger Management System

    TVS, Nalagarh plant wanted to get the real-time data from its different operating Units. The software interface for managing and displaying the entire data was developed as a solution.

  • CRM analytics sahir web solutions

    CRM Incorporation

    Incorporating CRM system of another service provider (Advance Technology Pvt. Ltd.)

  • vareet employee details sahir web solutions

    Attendance and Employee location tracking system

    A software for people on the run. The company uses this software for its employees to record their attendance with a selfie. An automatic location of the person is saved and send to the company portal.